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You Are 43% Feminist

You aren't a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you're no feminist either.

You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you're not convinced the world should be gender neutral.

I took this little quiz to see my feminist rating. The summary isn't too far off - but 43%? That's nearly half feminist! Not surprising though, Canadian culture and public education has been distinctly feminist for many years now. I was raised to be a feminist without knowing it.

In her book The Feminist Mistake Mary Kassian sums up the apparent discrepancy between how we think, like feminists and what we claim to be, not feminist:

"Feminists are becoming difficult to identify, not because they do not exist, but because their philosophy is almost unidentifiable as feminist, for it is virtually indistinguishable from the mainstream...Feminism as a popular movement seems in decline only because it has been so wildly effective."

She goes on to quote Danielle Crittenden, who interviewed young women across eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States seeking to find out why they seemed to reject feminism:

"The women I interviewed had neither adopted nor rejected feminism. Rather, it had seeped into their minds like intravenous saline in the arm of an unconscious patient. They were feminists without even knowing it."


I scored 25% feminist. My ideas have dramatically changed over the years. Particularly about women in leadership positions and sex.

8:23 PM  

I came up with 44%. Kinda shocked me but I felt the questions were a bit wishy washy. Like the question about women being given the CHOICE to stay at home or run a Fortune 500 company. I think we should have the choice but I don't think a women with children at home should do it. Not even sure a women without children should but that's not what they asked me. We should serve out families and fill our roles out of a love of our savior and family not becasue we lack choice. Because I anwsered that we should have a choice that is considered feminist but I am not..... And then there are other choices I don't think we should have which would but me in the traditionlist category. It's all in how the questioned is asked. It was interesting anyway.

12:43 PM  

hey Melanie

I tagged you. Don't feel obligated :o)

1:28 PM  

I have changed a lot in my views over the years also. Ten years ago I'd have probably scored 90++%!
I'm with you Mrs. M - the questions were too general. I think a married woman ought to make her home priority but does that mean we don't have interests and pursuits beyond laundry and mopping floors? THe 50's model does not represent Biblical womanhood well. But if a woman feels called into a career-type occupation (like missions or medicine) and is unmarried, I would suggest she examine if this call coincides with a call to singleness.
I would vote for a woman President or Prime Minister - if she were a woman I could look up to and admire which means she is not in a season of childrearing and she honours her husband and guards how he is portrayed in the media.
The sexual standards question was a tough one to answer because we should be held to the same standards of chastity, faithfullness in marriage, etc...not freedom to sleep around.
Anyways, my score was accurate in this light - not feminist, but not traditional either!

2:42 PM  

I am 15%, a feminist's worst nightmare I was told!!

12:27 PM  

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