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God is at Work

I came across a couple quotes that are very encouraging, and fit in so well with the theme I've been writing on this week, our need for God, that I thought I would share them here:

The sooner we realize that it is not about what we do but about what God does, the sooner we will stop focusing on ourselves and our shortcomings, and begin focusing on God and His power. Likewise, the sooner we quit worrying about doing our part, the sooner we can start rejoicing in the fact that God is doing His part. And the sooner we can recognize that God is at work, the sooner we can jump in and join Him.” - Jodie Berndt, Praying the Scriptures for Your Children

The gospel, God’s free gift of grace in Jesus, only works when we realize we don’t have it all together. The same is true for prayer. The very thing we are allergic to—our helplessness—is what makes prayer work. It works because we are helpless. We can’t do life on our own.

Prayer mirrors the gospel. In the gospel, the Father takes us as we are because of Jesus and gives us his gift of salvation. In prayer, the Father receives us as we are because of Jesus and gives us his gift of help. We look at the inadequacy of our praying and give up, thinking something is wrong with us. God looks as the adequacy of his Son and delights in our sloppy, meandering prayers.” —Paul Miller, A Praying Life


Such great quotes. I am thinking of using the first one to replace my header.

I also enjoyed your Pro 31 post. I plan to read it again. It's perfect reading as I go into sharing about the changes I am making and my struggle with being weak.

2:54 PM  

Hi - I stumbled across your post on Cheeseslave re the dairy allergy issue....we are recovering our son Matt from autism and severe food and environmental allergies at this time. Diary allergies can be healed in 99% of cases, esp in kids per Dr. McBride - author of GAPS, gut and psychology sydrome...which basically explains and outlines how to go about being ABLE to eat, digest, and assimialte the nutrition in the healthiest foods...esp where there has been a neurological presentation - like autism or schizophrenia - related to gut injuries realted to allergies, gut flora loss or imbalances. Ann Marie of Cheeseslave turned me onto her work - she is in the UK and recovered her own child from autism and his allergies through food, probiotics, and fermented CLO among other drugs. She is a neurosurgeon, neurologist, MD, and also has a degree in nutrition. My son had SUCH a severe dairy allergy that it led to vaccine injuries bc his immune system was so injured, already, byu the time we gave the shots. Following her protocol we are up to about a quarter cup of whey, dripped from homemade yogurt, with no side effects or adverse reactions so a few months we will intro the yogurt itself, first goat, then eventually cow, tsp by tsp, innoculating his GI with the strains of bacteria nec for him to rec, digest, and be nourished by dairy. We are also eliminating the egg allergy by blending one raw pastured egg YOLK into his chicken soup/bone broth....and have been doing this for about a month now - with no bit reactions...if you have a really bad allergy sometimes a food must be pulled for six weeks and then itroduced, tsp by tsp over time buiding up over time...her book is GAPS and her website is the same. A consultation by phone costs only 5o pounds British and may be covered out of network for you. Her protocol has been life saving on this anbout two years our son's GI will hopefully be sealed, healed of its allergic reactions, and he will be able to eat a wide variety of food...the full SCD diet variety...if your goal is eating grains and things, then I would innoculate his gut, eventually, with specific probiotic strains avail through BED drinks...but there are no grains, starches, carbs, or fruit on the first 8 weeks of McBride's strategy for healing the allergies...THAT is what has made all the difference and her book explains why...good luck and God Bless. Diane

12:03 PM  

I just read that quote from Miller this morning in my quiet time. I have to say, I love it!

12:27 PM  

I like your blog!
I was googling "without blood no salvation" and I landed here!
Blessings in Christ!

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